”I was 16 , working long hours for a lumber company during the summer. I came home from my summer job and mowed two lawns in two hours and made $50. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I could make more in an hour mowing lawns and still have more time to play hockey and baseball. I said to my dad ‘If I find 10 lawns to mow, can I quit my summer job? “

– Mark Hatfield, Homestar Inc. Owner and Operator

Moving forward, Kennebecasis Valley native, Mark Hatfield started his first business, a lawn-mowing company, that he ran for five years. Building client relationships that still last to this day, this experience laid the groundwork for Homestar.

Advancing to the Summer of 2002, Mark had earned his Commerce Degree from Mount Allison University and started a sales job with a multinational corporation. He soon found out he wanted a job where the sky was the limit and get out of the confinements of an office. So Mark started working for himself. He offered house sitting and snow plowing services and filled in the gaps by doing odd jobs.

It started as a one truck, one man operation. This avenue paved the way for Mark’s natural entrepreneur qualities to shine. Based on the theory that “The Customer Always Comes First,” the word got out of Homestar’s dedication to respond to people’s needs right away. Past clients from Mark’s first business began calling back, leading to a natural extension for Homestar to take on more landscaping and renovation responsibilities.

The “Make It Happen” attitude resonated throughout the Valley and Saint John, as the company’s list of services escalated. With the support of a talented and dedicated team, Homestar has built a level of trust within the community that is unmatched. A small odd job operation has evolved to several divisions, now the cornerstones of the company. Offering the broadest list of services related to maintaining homes and businesses in the area, Homestar continues to push itself to “Make it Happen” for it’s customers.